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mestizo's Journal

16 March 1984
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I wandered back to LJ in recent time and dug through the old posts and ramblings like a digital time capsule. What a beautiful time this was for us. How tragic and lovely everything was. We were young and experiencing everything for the first time. If any of you happen to make it back this way and remember me, find me again! Let chat on Facebook about how silly we were, when LJ was life and social media was young.

Disclaimer- This journal is intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not liable for any injuries, mishaps, hurt feelings, and/or infections as a result of you reading my journal. Enter at your own risk. Watch your step, floor is slippery when wet, check your ego at the door. Not wearing your seat-belt is only a secondary offense, but I'd advise you to wear it. Remember "Buckle up, it saves lives". The content of this journal is the work of an entertainer, however there are no guarantees that you will be entertained. In fact, you will probably be outright bored to death. So, having come to this conclusion, it would be wise for you to just forget you ever were here and explore other areas of the world wide web. Thank you for you time and cooperation

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